NFT Link

Our NFT link dashboard allows users to link their NFTs to the game or unlink their NFTs from a game.


Each publisher is provided with access to a NFT link dashboard wherein authenticated users can link or unlink their NFTs from a game.

Each link or unlink event sends a notification event to the game. From there, the game can update state accordingly by adding or removing privileges to the affected user.

Note that this dashboard is a template, we can re-design accordingly to match the publisher's website.

  1. This panel shows the currently unlinked NFTs which are in the user's wallet.

  2. Once the user selects an unlinked NFT, then this panel appears - once the user clicks the “Link NFT” button, the NFT link operation will start.

  3. This panel displays the currently linked NFTs which are in the custodial contract. The user also has the option to unlink the NFT from the custodial contract.

During the link process, the NFT is moved from the user's wallet and put into a secure custodial contract. This is done to prevent the user moving the NFT between different wallets and gaining an unfair advantage.

During the unlink process, the NFT is moved from the custodial contract and put back into the user's wallet.

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