Catheon Gaming's software development kit (referred to henceforth as CGC SDK) enables publishers to interface with CGC’s Core API, in order to integrate blockchain features into their apps. Through CGC integration, publishers will be able to get access to all on-chain data without having to directly integrate with the blockchain, allowing easy conversion to a web3 gaming model.

In order to integrate with CGC, Catheon can also assist with NFT Minting, Token Minting, creating token exchange dashboards, NFT linking dashboards and a game testing simulator.

Supported Blockchains

CGC SDK currently supports the following blockchain networks:

  • Polygon

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Ethereum

  • Solana

If you would like to launch your game on a blockchain network that is not listed above, then please get in touch.

Supported Languages

The SDKs will be available in the following languages and should allow for seamless integration into any app:

  • C#

  • TypeScript

  • Java

If you would like an implementation of the SDK in a language that is not listed above, then please get in touch.

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